THREAT-ARREST aims to develop an advanced training platform incorporating emulation, simulation, serious gaming and visualization capabilities to adequately prepare stakeholders with different types of responsibility and levels of expertise in defending high-risk cyber systems and organizations to counter advanced, known and new cyber-attacks. The THREAT-ARREST platform will deliver security training, based on a model driven approach where cyber threat and training preparation (CTTP) models, specifying the potential attacks, the security controls of cyber systems against them, and the tools that may be used to assess the effectiveness of these controls, will drive the training process, and align it (where possible) with operational cyber system security assurance mechanisms to ensure the relevance of training. The platform will also support trainee performance evaluation and training programme evaluation and adapt training programmes based on them. The effectiveness of the framework will be validated using a prototype implementation interconnected with real cyber systems pilots in the areas of smart energy, healthcare and shipping, and from technical, legal and business perspectives.

THREAT-ARREST advancements

Visualization Advancements by THREAT-ARREST to Jasima simulator: (a): Extension by visualization layers (Web, Mobile Device, Windows Client) based on existing technology, as required for presenting the outcomes of simulation/emulation of cyber-system components in the project. (b): Leveraging serious gaming elements in order to increase learning motivation for small and medium groups.
Serious Gaming Advancements by THREAT-ARREST to Serious Games tools: Enhancement of the various serious games with (i) advanced scenarios of cyber threats’ mitigation and (ii) new visualisation components.
Simulation Advancements by THREAT-ARREST to Jasima simulator: Configuration and adoption of the simulator in order to meet the needs of the THREAT-ARREST training platform (i.e., simulation of different layers in the cyber systems implementation stack.
Training Advancements by THREAT-ARREST to Data Fabrication Platform: Translation of simulation specifications in CTTP models and statistical profiles into DFP rules to enable synthetic event generation for the purposes of THREAT-ASSERT.
Emulation Advancements by THREAT-ARREST: Combination and expansion of the capabilities of the emulation and penetration testing software/frameworks in order to achieve the automated generation and interconnection of emulated cyber system components. Enabling of trainees to perform security mitigation tasks. Selection of cyber-system components and attacks based on CTTP models.
Assurance Advancements by THREAT-ARREST: (a): Offering customizable security data analytics applied to data-at-rest and live, streaming data. Off-the-shelf hardware components coupled with a custom software engine to provide a clear upgrade path, without vendor-specific lock-in. (b): Development of mechanisms to support the connectivity and use of the platform as part of a cyber threat training framework. Mechanisms supporting the implementation of continuous assurance by executing the assurance sub model of CTTP models, APIs for monitoring/testing evidence and checks reporting etc.

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